The Lord has given us a vision for connecting houses of prayer globally.  

As this vision has been unfolding, we have been developing a network to help establish and connect houses of prayer along the US/Mexico Border and now a network is also developing in Central and South America. These networks are designed to support the HOPs with prayer backing, provision of training events, communication and connections with other HOPs and encouragement. 

As the pastors began to unify and as the Houses of Prayer and the prayer has begun to increase, we have seen God do some awesome things in some of the cities we are connected with. One of the prophetic words that describes God’s purpose for these connections is that God is “connecting the dots,” and “God is putting together a prayer chain that we will desperately need in the days ahead.”


As the Houses of Prayer provide prayer backing, the worship begins to change the atmosphere in the cities, and the pastors and leaders unite, we have been seeing cities changing.  In addition, as children are able to use their giftings, participate in children’s prayer teams and houses of prayer, an important spiritual dimension is added to the momentum to transform the cities.

Praying with some of the children in Esperanza Village, near Monte Cabod House of prayer in Guatemala.


While I was at the International House of Prayer – Kansas City in 2010, the Lord gave me Psalm 147:14  He maketh peace in thy Borders… and while I was in the Prayer Room, He began giving me visions of houses of prayer all along the US/Mexico Border.  God was also giving Pastor David Delgado dreams and visions of houses of prayer. So, we began taking teams to the cities along the Border and we began to cast vision about Houses of Prayer.  God began speaking to people and He began to give dreams and visions to people to raise up houses of prayer. He began birthing Houses of Prayer along the Border. We developed a network of Houses of Prayer (the Border House of Prayer Network) designed to support the HOPs with prayer backing, provision of training events, connections with other HOPs and encouragement.  

In the fall of 2014, Jesus gave me a vision of Central America and in January 2015, we held our first online prayer meeting with Central America Houses of Prayer.   Then in the spring of 2017, the Lord gave me a vision of Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador and He began connecting us with House of Prayer people in these nations. We now hold weekly online meetings to connect and pray for these nations and the houses of prayer.

As the prayer backing is in place, the Lord has also impressed us to begin spearheading some evangelism activities along the Border.  We are also currently involved with developing Children’s Prayer Teams and sponsoring free online conferences for children’s ministers.